La Maison du Coco

Discover all the secrets of the coconut tree!

Nestled within a coconut grove and tropical garden, in the heart of the Domaine de la Pointe des Châteaux, stands the Maison du Coco, a farm with more than 7 ha of land. There, you will discover all the secrets of the coconut tree through our interactive coconut workshop.

Our coconut workshop

‘The coconut tree, the jewel of the tropics’

Visit our coconut plantation located in the heart of a magnificent tropical garden and discover all the secrets of the coconut tree (its origin, its culture, etc.) and the many uses of its fruit, the coconut:

  • Culinary use (water, nuts, virgin oil, milk, sugar, etc.)       
  • Medicinal use (recipe of yesteryear)
  • Cosmetic use (soap, massage oil)
  • Industrial use (brushes, rope, charcoal, etc.)
  • Artisanal use (shell handicrafts, palm weaving, etc.)

 Enjoy a tasting platter:

  •  Coconut sugar and syrup made from the sap of coconut blossoms (with a very low glycaemic index, coconut sugar is considered the caviar of sugar)
  • Virgin coconut oil obtained by cold pressing the coconut (an edible oil with many beneficial properties)
  • Fresh coconut water (a highly isotonic drink and the only water that is naturally sterile)

Cooking with coconut

Pick your coconut, learn how to clean it and break it to extract its meat and collect its water.

Grate your nut sitting on traditional stools and, there you have it, you are ready for the culinary part of our workshop. 

Our coconut workshop takes place from Tuesday to Sunday at 10AM and 2PM (booking required)


Open Monday to Sunday, 9:30AM to 4:30PM

 Unguided visits of the estate  €5

Coconut workshop  €8


Picnic isn't allowed on our estate


134 rue Georges Pompidou 97436 Saint-Leu (Réunion)

Mobile: (+262) 0692 70 63 73 - 0692 76 95 39